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App Development

Tighter integration between hardware and software is opening new worlds of possibilities as we move beyond the web, and opportunities are waiting to be exploited. As well as developing our own products we also work in partnership with companies in a variety of sectors to develop apps. The app ecosystem is changing every aspect of our lives and companies who move with the times are scooping up marketshare and becoming global brands.

Servers & Hosting

Utilising the latest Docker backed micro-service web hosting infrastructure we run always on, redundant self-healing server clusters to deliver unparalleled uptime and huge scalability across the globe.

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Software Development

Whether it’s deploying the best tool for the job or developing a custom solution, our proven agile and lean software development techniques reduce waste and ensure we deliver the software that’s required. Our Cornwall, UK based team keeps costs competitive but never at the expense of good communication.

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What else we provide?


We invest in software startups which we believe will be ahead of the pack. We don’t build companies for yesterday or today but for tomorrow. We have the knowledge and expertise to spot the best, advise and help along the way, and we’re doing just that with several new software companies right now.


Developing software is complex and we’re the experts. As Platform Architect at several companies and now serving as Technical Director on the boards of several more, Rob has helped businesses all around the country develop innovative software products. We provide consultation and advice for companies, helping bring software products to market.

Media Production & Marketing

The video is fast becoming the marketing tool of choice for businesses who’re looking for brand awareness and new customers. Video engages viewers and can get across vast amounts of information in a short space of time with minor effort from the viewer. YouTube is the second largest search engine and the second largest website on the internet but far less crowded than Google. The viral nature of video can help you reach new people and engage with customers. Our background in professional media allows us to provide streaming, editing, camera and sound.


We believe design should be symbiotic with the platform on which the software will run. Users should intuitively understand software without instructions. This requires an expert understanding of development for that platform, as well as great design talent. Our design process is ongoing throughout and involves both designers and software developers at all stages.

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Our People

Who we are?

Long Haired Media started developing websites for customers in 2011. After receiving many requests for mobile apps we pivoted into iOS development, with a focus on future media delivery systems.
Since then we have partnered with a number of companies to develop apps in Education, Hospitality, Retail and Music. We specialise in the following.

  • iOS App Development
  • Server API Development
  • Platform Architecture
  • Software Project Management & Planning
  • High Scale Redundant Hosting & Deployment
  • Automated Testing


About us

For 15 years I’ve been developing the future of Media, Business and Entertainment.  Now we partner with and invest in innovative companies which share our goals developing the platforms and systems needed to take us beyond the Web to the next frontier, into the Internet age.

In order to reach these goals we’ve become expert in cutting edge technologies in App & Web Development, Cluster Computing, Platform Architecture and Media Production.  We consult for businesses which need support in these areas or simply need help delivering their software product.

We’re passionate about helping small businesses start and develop.  We started The Craft Collective and various business courses to make starting up easier and safer.

Our Latest Disruptive Innovation

Latest news

Designing for Big Data

Designing for Big Data Talk

Some slides I created for the Designing for Big Data talk I gave at the Data Science Cornwall Meetup on 29th of November 2018.   Available to download from here: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/long-haired-music/documents/presentations/Designing+for+Big+Data.pdf  

ARM on the Server Video

ARM on the Server Explained – Amazon’s A1 Graviton Processor Is a Once in a Decade Opportunity!

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A picture of the Amazon Graviton ARM Chip

ARM on the Server

What a week!  Several of my predictions have come true but the most important of which, and the one which I think is going to have the largest impact is Arm on the Server. Amazon this week announced the availability of A1 instance types, at a considerable cost saving.  The CPU’s are about 40% cheaper, […]

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