Recording Dollface

Just finished recording the band Dollface this weekend, got a cracking sound for their backing tracks as we did all the rhythm section live in the same room.  The spill really gave the tracks that AC/DC, Led Zep thing with loads of energy and excitement.  I guess it really helps that they didn’t have to wear headphones, so were able to play as a band.

Gotta say, I think this is the way to record a rock band, although it helped that the band could play, we got a really tight sound and the very little spill from the guitar amps really helped to make them sound massive.  I didn’t find the spill a real problem but we did space the amp really quite far from the kit and we screened it off a little so there was near no direct sound getting into the drum mics.

I’d have preferred to have been able to track the band on tape because I know it would’ve sounded better but in the long run I’m glad I didn’t because we did loads of editing.  If I was in my own place this wouldn’t have been an issue, but because the band were paying for studio time and I expect wouldn’t have had the budget to have me razor blade the song together.  The vocals were also heavily edited.  I did the usual thing of recording about 4 takes and then comping the best bits together then we went back and fixed any straggling bits.  I wouldn’t have been able to track that on tape, could’ve done loads of punch-ins or could’ve synced pro-tools to SMPTE and tracked and edited on digital.  Would’ve run out of tracks if I was working on tape though.

Couldn’t find a website for the band, might come later.

Desk photo

Microphone setup

Overhead X-Y 414’s, guitars 67 57 and 441, bass C12


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