Creating photo albums on iPhoto for iPad

If anyone out there is struggling with the same issues that I’ve been having with iPhoto for the new iPad, then here is a handy workaround. I know, I know, I can’t believe that it’s not easier to create albums and events in the new iPhoto but I guess that it’s a new application and that these features will come, as no doubt Apple has noted the comments on their website and other places online. Here’s how I got around my problem and maybe it’ll be helpful to others out there.

I have not figured out how to create new events in iPhoto for iPad but here’s how to create a new photo album.

1. Check that your photographs are saved on the iPad camera roll rather than just inside iPhoto. You’ll notice that photos that have been edited by iPhoto can’t be seen by other applications in my case because I brought them into iPhoto from the photo stream. To export the photographs from iPhoto click the export button which you would normally use to share with Facebook and twitter. You’ll notice there is an icon for the camera roll and that’s what you should click, although it’s a pain that you can only export one photo at a time!

2. Open up the photos application. Yes, that’s right, you have to go into the photos application to create a new album. Took me awhile to figure that one out.

3. Click on photos or photo stream to show all of your photographs and navigate to the ones that you’d like to create the album from.

4. Select the export for button in the top right hand corner and select the photos which you like to use in the new album.

5. Click save in the top right hand corner and select create new album or add to existing album.

Done! Not too difficult, but some lateral thinking required. Thought I’d post this to avoid everyone else having to figure it out themselves.

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