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How to Uninstall or Reinstall Evernote for Mac from the App Store

I found this one pretty tricky to figure out so thought I’d write a quick post on it.

If like me you are getting an error message in evernote, “Internal Database Error”, perhaps the easy thing to do is to wipe the program and resync the apps data.

Warning: if you have any unsynced notes or local (as in, not synchronized) notebooks in Evernote, this content will be irrecoverably lost when your database is rebuilt using the data from Evernote’s servers.

I found the instructions on this page from evernote support didn’t work for me because I’d downloaded the app from the app store.  The following did work though.

  1. Trash the Evernote App – Drag the app from the applications folder to the trash and empty the trash.
  2. Repair Disk Permissions – Although I didn’t do this myself I always find it speeds up my machine and as there may be permissions issues in your Library folder, I’d advise it.  Go to the Disk Utility Application, select your system drive and click Repair Disk Permissions.  May take a while if it hasn’t been done periodically.
  3. Trash Cache, if it is there – This folder wasn’t there for me, but if it is it should be deleted, renamed or dragged elsewhere to clear the cache.  Open Finder, Hit Shift+cmd+g and enter ~/Library/.  Go to Application Support, find the Evernote Folder and drag to trash.
  4. Trash Cache and Databases – Go to Finder again, Hit Shift+cmd+g and enter ~/Library/.  Go to Containers and trash both the com.evernote.Evernote folder and the com.evernote.EvernoteHelper folder.  If you’re concerned for your data you can move these folders to the desktop or temporarily rename.
  5. Empty Trash.
  6. Reinstall App from App Store.
  7. Sign in and Sync your data again.

Hope this helps.  I’m no longer allowing comments due to spam but if you wish to ask a question or say thanks tweet @robwithhair.