Save Lincolnshire Libraries from Closing

Julie wrote this letter to the editors at the Lincolnshire Echo and Lincolnite this week.  Please help us save Lincolnshire Libraries by signing the petition below.

Dear Editor,

I strongly urge Lincolnshire County Council and the people of Lincolnshire to oppose the short-sighted decision to close libraries across the county. This will have a serious impact on young, old, families and students. It will create a significant barrier for the many unemployed who are striving for employment and those seeking self improvement.

As there is a proven correlation between use of libraries when young and educational achievement, the timing of the consultation process should be questioned. With our schools, colleges and universities on vacation, it is unlikely that the proposal will receive the full, justifiable level of opposition it deserves.

There will be a vast number of people, like myself, who can trace back their educational attainment and professional career to use of a good library through childhood and beyond. Aspirational children and young people particularly those in rural settings or areas of deprivation will be significantly disadvantaged.

The closure of libraries will be another major blow to equality of opportunity, especially for those on lower incomes, non-drivers and the ageing population. A huge number of people rely on their library in later life.

The elected representatives, who are making these decisions on our behalf, should listen to their communities. I sincerely hope they will review these misguided closures which are morally and socially unacceptable and false ecomony.

Yours faithfully

Julie Harrison

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