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Want to sign up for hosting?  We provide 3 packages for various requirements.

  • Reduced Uptime at £30 per year – Our cheapest package
  • Standard Uptime at £30 per quarter (billed monthly) – Our most popular package
  • High Availability at £30 per month – Guaranteed 99% uptime.

Our Reduced Uptime package is a good way to get started.  Backups are taken manually and so it is advised to export your data from wordpress yourself on a regular basis to ensure there is an up-to-date backup of your site in case of disaster.  We guarantee 95% uptime on this package.

Our Standard Uptime package has automated hourly backups which makes data recovery quicker and more up-to-date in the event of a disaster.  We offer the same 95% uptime guaranteed on this package but recovery is significantly quicker and more current.  The added cost pays for the increased data storage requirements of the frequent backups.

Our High Availability package offers guaranteed 99% uptime as your site is running simultaneously on multiple servers, allowing for instant failover to a working server in the event of an outage.  The extra cost incurred running several servers accounts for the increased cost of this package, however if your application requires zero downtime this is the package for you.

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